Ayodhya Tour Package from Gorakhpur

Do you search for a spiritual trip to go deep into one of the respected sacred places in India? Our Ayodhya tour package from Gorakhpur is what you need. We are a top Ayodhya tour provider in Gorakhpur, and we commit to making an experience you cannot forget that lets you dive deep into the important history and spiritual meaning of this holy city.

Discover the Wonders of Ayodhya with Our Ayodhya Tour Package

Ayodhya is where Lord Ram was born and it is very important to many worshippers around the world. We have carefully put together Ayodhya tour package so you will see all the important sites and have experiences that show why this city is unique.

Explore the Magnificent Ram Mandir with Our Ayodhya Ram Mandir Tour Package

The most prized attraction of Ayodhya is clearly the famous Ram Mandir. When you choose our Ayodhya Ram Mandir tour package, you get the chance to see the magnificence of this holy temple with your own eyes. Our experienced guides will lead you around the temple complex, telling interesting details about its history and impressive architecture.

Immerse Yourself in the Spiritual Aura of Ayodhya's Sacred Sites

Our Ayodhya tour package from Gorakhpur, not only takes you to the Ram Mandir but also to other important places filled with religious importance. Below is a list of key spots that our tour service offers for your visit:

Hanuman Garhi: This is an old temple for worshipping Lord Hanuman, very significant for pilgrims in Ayodhya. People think that Lord Hanuman stayed in a cave at this place and looked after the city. The temple provides a peaceful and worshipful environment, ideal for meditating and praying.

Sarayu River: The sacred river Sarayu has a deep value in the stories of Hindu religion. People think that if you bathe in this river, it cleans your sins and makes the spirit clean. The Ayodhya tour package we offer has a trip to the riverside steps of Sarayu River for you to do holy ceremonies and experience the sacred atmosphere.

Kanak Bhawan: This is a lovely temple for worshipping Lord Ram and his wife, Goddess Sita. Its design is amazing to see because of the detailed sculptures and doors that are covered in gold. People say seeing the Goddess Sita's statue decorated with golden jewellery is very impressive.

Nageshwarnath Temple: This is situated next to the Sarayu River. This old temple worships Lord Shiva. People say that Lord Ram gave his respects to Lord Shiva at this place before he started his trip to Lanka. The temple's serene atmosphere and beautiful architecture make it a must-visit spot in Ayodhya.

Treta Ke Thakur: This temple is very important because people think it is the location where Lord Ram did the Ashwamedha Yagna ritual. Inside the temple, there are statues of Lord Ram, Goddess Sita, Lakshman, and Bharat which attracts many worshippers.

Raja Dashrath Samadhi: This is another one of the places that you can visit with the Ayodhya tour package from Gorakhpur. This is the resting place of Lord Ram’s Father and is named after his name ‘Raja Dashrath.’ It is just 15 kilometres away from the Ram Janmabhoomi and has recently gone under a transformation attracting tourists visiting Ayodhya.

Guptar Ghat: Situated on the banks of River Saryu, the Guptar Ghat has a high level of significance for Lord Rama’s devotees. As per the legends, this was the place where Lord Rama took his last dip prevailing from the earth and went back to the Vaikunta.

Nandigram: This place was earlier known as the Bharatkund and has religious significance as it has mentioned in Ramayana. During the exile of Lord Rama, Bharat decided to rule from Nandigram rather than ruling from Ayodhya.

Surya Kund: This is another one of the places where you can travel with the Keserwani Parivahan in Ayodhya. As per the legends, this is the kund where Lord Surya used to bathe in hot springs giving it curative properties. Therefore, devotees visiting Ayodhya also visit Surya Kund.

Laser show at Ram ki Pauri: Your Ayodhya tour is incomplete without the laser show at Ram ki Pauri. With the Ayodhya Tour Package from Gorakhpur at Keserwani Pariwahan, you can also witness the wonderful laser show at Ram ki Pauri in Ayodhya.

The skilled people leading you will guide you on a special trip through these holy places, sharing their knowledge about the history and religious importance. By choosing our Ayodhya tour package from Gorakhpur, you get the chance to surround yourself with the sacred feeling of Ayodhya and make memories that will last.

Why Choose Keserwani Pariwahan as Your Ayodhya Tour Provider in Gorakhpur?

- Unparalleled Expertise

- Seamless Transportation

- Exceptional Service

Additionally, if you are a senior citizen or have someone elderly in your family, we can also arrange a Suvidha Darshan for them along with wheelchair assistance.

Start a changing trip to Ayodhya with Keserwani Pariwahan. We are your reliable Ayodhya tour provider in Gorakhpur, and we welcome you to feel the holy spirit of this important city by choosing one of our specially prepared Ayodhya tour packages. Allow us to lead you while you discover the place where Lord Ram was born, and make lasting memories.

Reach out to us now for arranging your Ayodhya tour package from Gorakhpur, which will set you on a path of spiritual enlightenment and exploration of self.


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